GoLibrary Access Pass

Purchasing GoLIBRARY will grant access to our past shows. Every 90 days, we update the library with VIP OnDemand Classes that were aired over that 90-day period. If you want to enjoy our past shows catalog and are not worried about keeping up with the latest-and-greatest benefits of a live class format, then this is the membership for you.


  • Simple One-time payment for 1 Year of Access to the GoLIBRARY
  • New Classes added every 90 days during your year’s access.
Having a live group class is so important for motivation and inspiration. When you join us live and turn on your camera, you will perform at a high intensity than you would by yourself. Some call this effect the “Accountability Spike”! Humans perform harder when observed; we love to show our best. Feed off each other different energy, and we can go where we have not been before. Our Fit Family misses you!
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