GoFOCUS 8F – e150

Tonight we’re doing a little bit different, but not a hundred percent different. Enjoy some of the little things that are going to spring up and be different. But do enjoy some of the things you do know and work hard on those things because I didn’t change everything. We’ll see, of course, I’ll cue, and you need to work hard. But the things you do know, I want you to push through those, maybe do a few more reps than you’ve done before.
I did change the station intervals last week. It was a little hectic. Those pieces are a little different, and I’m also not going to have you do the grid jump. So those two kinds of change, everything else stays the same.

This one’s going away very soon, so following Monday, we’ll have a new one tomorrow night. We’ve got a new one as well.

Thursday stays the same. So you might as well push extra hard tonight. Hopefully, you had a fantastic weekend. It was super warm outside. So put all of the energy into the workout so you can just lay down later. All right.
Thanks for showing up tonight and getting into the workouts. Now let’s warm-up.

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